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Livestream NEUROART Exhibition

Livestream recording coming soon.

Panel Discussion: Amplifying Neurodivergent Voices in Research and Art

  • Bayparvah Kaur Gehdu: Living Experience Expert and PhD Researcher
  • Dr Virginia Carter Leno: Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow & PI of Divergent Sounds Project 
  • Dr Ellie Dommett: Group Leader of the ADHD Research Lab at King's College London 
  • Bhavani Esapathi: Chronically Driven Maker, Creator and Writer

  • Chaired by Bethan Burnside: NEUROART Exhibition Founder

Find out more about the panelists here at

This panel discussion is taking place as part of NEUROART Exhibition at Workshop Space, Science Gallery London on 9th February 2024. Tickets for the live event are sold out.

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