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about NEUROART exhibition

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NEUROART provides a platform for neurodivergent people to share our living experience with neuroscientists who research topics relating to neurodevelopment and neurodiversity. 

To foster this dialogue, NEUROART pairs neurodivergent artists with neuroscientific researchers. Pairs have the chance to learn from each others' expertise and experience, and work together to create art pieces which explore themes resulting from their interactions. These works will be shared in an accessible exhibition.

The project started in March 2022 and stems from the living neurodivergent experience of its founder while studying a PhD Biomedical Sciences in a neurodevelopmental genetics lab. 

NEUROART is proud to collaborate with the UKDRI MRC Centre for Developmental Disorders, WOHL Cellular Imaging Centre, ADHD Research Lab, and Women of the WOHL, all based at King's College London.

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