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Accessibility NEUROART Exhibition

We are trying to make our project as accessible as possible. Please see below for access information for the NEUROART Exhibition on 9th February 2024.

If there’s anything you think we might be missing, or you have a specific question, get in touch with us at

Accessible venue(s):

  • Exhibition Access Information here

  • Quiet Break-Out Space Access Information here


Quiet Break-Out Space:

We’ve reserved a quiet room you can retreat to if you feel overstimulated or overwhelmed. Information is in the link above, and you can ask a NEUROART volunteer to guide you on the day if needed.

Livestream: For your friends who were unable to grab tickets for the live event in time, they can register here to receive a streaming link to the panel discussion.

Free earplugs: available at the Welcome Table as you come into the Workshop Space!

.doc version of text: will be available online and via a QR code at the event.

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