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Team NEUROART Exhibition

The NEUROART project and event were spearheaded by volunteers, about half of whom are neurodivergent. 

The project was conceptualized and founded by Bethan Burnside. It was developed and driven by them, and Shaakir Salam and Keshvi Shah, with the help and input of Michael Motoc, Amar Mehta, and Aoife Coghlan. 

Special thanks to the other volunteers and consultants who provided invaluable support and expertise along the way.

The project was supported by the UKRI MRC Centre for Developmental Disorders, WOHL Cellular Imaging Centre, and ADHD Research Lab, based at King's College London, in addition to Ness Labs and the British Neuroscience Association.

In addition, the volunteer team are grateful to Leigh Wilson, Deepak Srivastava, and Ellie Dommett for facilitating our vision; to Science Gallery London for providing us a venue; to our project artists Bhavani Esapathi and Carrie Ravenscroft; to our project researchers Anne-Laure Le Cunff and Deborah Reyes; to our panelists not yet mentioned Virginia Carter Leno and Bayparvah Kaur Gehdu; and to the Open Call respondents Toni Mo, Khushali Khowal, Anastasia Smirnova, Trinity Bernard-Jones, Sajal Porwal, and Zoe Grisedale-Sherry.  

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