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Bhavani × Deborah Srivastava Lab

INCITE TO CARE - Bhavani Esapathi. Shown at the NEUROART Exhibition, with its survey inhabiting a permanent, growing space at  

Bhavani Esapathi and Deborah Reyes were selected to be paired. Bhavani created an artwork inspired by her interactions with Deborah on the research being done in the Deepak Srivastava Lab at King's College London. 

R (5).png

About Bhavani Esapathi

I am a maker, creator & writer finding social-tech solutions to those on the margins of our society. As a disabled, woman of colour many of my projects begin through personal struggles and others that we hear from the larger community. Recurring themes in my work include invisible disabilities, autoimmune diseases, patient-led healthcare, immigrants’ access to healthcare & digital solutions for social problems. I am proud to be in the RSA’s Fellowship Council for London while also building on The Invisible Labs platform for chronically abled individuals like me.

Visit Bhavani's website:


About Deborah Reyes

I am a Mexican woman with a medical background, currently delving into the realm of psychedelics and their impact on the human brain. Using advanced techniques, I measure how psychedelics influence gene and protein expression, as well as electrical activity in neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells. Beyond this, I am deeply intrigued by the entire spectrum of human experience, including physical and emotional health and well-being. I am especially interested in exploring facets of the brain related to motivation, awareness, attention, creativity and joy.

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About the Deepak Srivastava Lab

My lab group investigates synaptic biology in health and disease, focusing on the  cellular and physiological aspect of disease with a translational focus. We study the molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of glutamatergic synapses and how genetic risk factors for disease, impact synaptic biology. To achieve this, we utilize cutting-edge technologies such as patient derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and advanced cellular imaging approaches. This allows us to investigate the dynamic and nanoscopic organisation of synaptic proteins, as well as structural and functional remodelling of synapses, and we work closely with basic and clinical colleagues as well as pharmaceutical companies to address these questions. I also lead the Wohl Cellular Imaging Centre (WCIC), an advanced light microscopy facility, specialising in imaging needs for neuroscience research.


Deepak Srivastava
Principal Investigator

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